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The Precision Machinery Research and Development Center (
PMRDC) was established in 2002 and has since sustained a record of excellence in materials science and engineering research. The Centre has excellent modern equipment for measurements of structural chemical, physical, and mechanical properties of materials and for preparation and processing of a wide range of materials.

The Precision Machinery Research and Development Center is led by A/Professor Tzu-Yao Tai. Its staff members include high level academic researchers and successful industrial experienced engineers who specialize in
·         Precision and Ultra Precision Machine Tool Design and Development
·         High Performance and Ultra Precision Machining
·         Micro-engineering
·         Metrology

This website contains details about the PMRDC mission, facilities, faculty, research needs of STUST students, as well as information on how industry and government can collaborate with and benefit from the Center. We always appreciate feedback so please email any comments or suggestions you might have about this site.

If you aspire to become one of the next generation of ultra-precision engineers you need look no further than STUST. There is a growing requirement for individuals having necessary skills to design, develop and apply ultra-precision technologies. Employment opportunities are found in the Optoelectronics, Material Science, Defense and Manufacturing industries.

University-industry research relationships strengthen the company's research and development strategy (R&D) where we act as world class engineering providers for complex machine systems and components. Either through the spread of innovations throughout products developed from current research or through a redirection of industrial development to more profitable lines, R&D is positively affected. University researchers also help industry scientists solve industrial design problems. The Center frequently updated new research techniques with its university partners.

Past & Present Directors

Dr. Yuh-Tai Sheen (2002-2007)
Dr. Yun-Hui Liu (2008-2009)                                                                                  
Dr. Tzu-Yao Tai(2009-present)